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I knew a boy

of summer rain and thunder.

Who fell off his bike and scraped his knees

carrying home the groceries.

Who would twirl around on the playground swing

until his feet couldn’t reach the ground

and got lost in the spinning blur over and over again.

Who walked to school with his cat

and played basketball outside instead of eating his lunch.


I knew a boy

who fell in love with words and music

and embraced them as an everyday escape,

as the only things that gave meaning to his life.

Who paid more attention to the words the teachers used

than what they were trying to tell him.

Who lived in an empty house full of people and things

and said a painful goodbye to the love he once had for his mother.


I knew a boy

who fell in love with his childhood friend

and spent the next two years writing through tears

trying to stitch his heart back together with words.

Who lost his older brother to the world

and his virginity to a girl he didn’t love.

Who broke another girls’ heart

and his own, because he thought he didn’t love her.


I knew a boy

Who spent ten years in and out of hospitals

and who stopped counting after his third surgery had failed.

Who lost his identity along with his job,

but found love and a new family to help fill the void.

Who learned to love himself as they grew closer together

and became his second family.


I knew a boy

Who got his brother back

and discovered that his brother mattered more to him

than he had ever realized.

Who after four years was left by the girl he loved so wholeheartedly

that his heartbeat became arrhythmic

from the loss of her and her family.


I know a young man

of summer rain and thunder.

Who two years later decided to write this poem

to remind himself of whom he once was,

what he had gone through

and how thankful he is

that he is still here to write this.
Let it rain

alley cats and stray dogs.

Let the rain purr through the night

and curl up on the lap of the cracked asphalt

under the streetlamp’s watchful eye

and let the thunder b a r k and growl

across the distant skies,

like lovers tearing at the sheets

in roaring waves of exaltation.
Let it rain

I like this one.
And I love rain and thunder <3
My heart has

outgrown its nest

It spreads its wing

and   l      e            
                                 from my chest
Falling to the ground

in circles

Leaving me gasping

for  b r e a t h
I keep lighting candles all over my apartment

leaving little flames flickering on the floor

on overcrowded book shelves and wooden tables

in the neck of empty wine bottles and

in the windows of heartshaped wooden lanterns

hanging from my ceiling,

but the light never seems to brighten the room

quite like you did

and my record player keeps playing Tom Waits’

Closing Time
Love is radical

Let’s be rebels together

And break the system
Please watch this wonderful video of a guy singing in his order at the Sonic drive-through, it's so beautiful and happy. I'm sure it made her night (the girl taking the order) and we should really ALL be doing something like this, to make the day more beautiful, fun and happy for each other. There's nothing like the feeling you get, when you make someone smile and laugh, because that's the essence of beauty, the essemce of our soul.

Here it is:…

I love our world and how beautiful we can all be <3

Have a wonderful day!
- Steffen :D


Steffen C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
What I love:
- Love, music, hugs, chocolate, family, friends, nature, wildlife, hiking, writing, singing, dancing, peace, being creative, discussing interesting things, innovative ideas, staying healthy and enjoying life <3
You'll find out more about me through my deviations. :)

What I hate:
- ...
I don't.

Have a beautiful day! ĪglompĪ

And feel free to add me on facebook, I share lots of love and positive things on it :D. Search for "SteffenCitsjustme" and you'll find me! ^^ and if you can't find me, ask me about it and we'll figure it out!

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SteffenC-itsjustme Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome ^^
Thank you, that was a very lovely comment. I like that you found it sort of unique ^^
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"Thank you"..some of the most important words alongside "I'm sorry", "I understand" and "I love you".

So thank you for your thank you. ^^  And you are so very welcome :heart:
seaboundstars Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
:heart: You are very sweet.
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Have a lovely day
And just stay in the sway
Let my words play
And follow you on your way today <3
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